Sunday, November 28, 2010

She has arrived....the story of it all.

So....after all of those weeks of contractions I wondered if it was EVER going to happen!! Again...on Tuesday the 23rd I had some irregular, but painful contractions. I tried to get as much stuff done as possible to distract me from what wasn't happening. I went to bed after taking 25mg of Benadryl in hopes of getting a good night's sleep. At 0445, I woke up and rolled over in bed. As I was rolling over I felt what I thought was urine leakage. I heaved myself out of bed and got up to finish going potty and change my undies. At that time I realized I was having some contractions...started timing there and they were about every 4-5 minutes. I laid there for a while trying to go back to sleep and thinking that I would call Dr. Kauffman's office in the morning once they were opened to see about moving my appt up to the morning. Tanner got up shortly there after to watch a show. During that time, I had to get up and help him in the bathroom. As I did that, noticed my undies had another "wet" area on them. I again went to the bathroom thinking it was just urine. But this time, I noticed it was colorless and there were some other tell tale signs of labor showing. For those of you who are not well-versed in the smells of amniotic has a distinct smell to it. And wouldn't you know it...that "wet" spot I had smelled like amniotic fluid!!! I realized that no matter how many time I cleaned myself up there was still the dampness and "bloody show" present. At this point, I told Kevin that I thought my water broke and that we needed to get someone to come over to sit with the kids. I called my step-mom and his mom. My mother in law was coming over. I took a shower....gotta be clean and looking presentable when in labor...didn't want to scare my new baby if today was the day! After I showered, Kevin did the same and I finished getting ready and packing my bag. I noticed that the contractions were not as noticeable which led me to question myself and whether my water did break. The signs pointing to yes it did were still there so we headed to the hospital once my mother in law arrived.

We got to the hospital at 0640. The nurses skipped the triage area and took me right to a room....I kept thinking..that I hope I am right!! The first thing we did was the amnisure test to test for the presence of amniotic fluid....needs to be done prior to any exams. was positive!! Whew!! So I wasn't imagining the whole deal!! However, as I had contractions had become very irregular and because of such I was till only 2-3cm/80%/-2. Dr. Kauffman was updated. He is so amazing...he let me decide where we went from here. We decided to hold off on initiating pitocin til after my next exam at 0900. I signed all of the necessary papers, got my IV lock put in, and went for a walk. Still no real regular contractions. At 0900, I was still the same dilation. Dr. Kauffman asked the nurses if I was ready for pitocin and I agreed that I was, but that I wanted to increase it slowly and not blast out my baby. I was still wanting to try and do this whole thing without the epidural. However, I never anticipated that I would come in with my water broke, little contractions, and desire pitocin!!

The pitocin was started around 0920. I started to "feel" the contractions around 1030 while walking some more. At 1100, the contractions started to really quick in and hurt. I was doing well breathing thru them, but definitely did not want to laugh and talk during them. I also knew that staying in bed was what felt the best for me!! Getting up and moving only made it all worse. My nurses told me they would recheck me again at 1200....I didn't know if I would be able to hold out that long as the contraction pain was really starting to kick my butt!!! I made it to noon...I really wanted to be checked because of the intensity and frequency of the contractions, but part of me did NOT want to be disappointed if I was still 2-3cm and in this much pain. Luckily, I had made some change...I was now 4cm/90%/-1. Dr. Kauffman was again updated and decided he would head into the hospital. I was somewhat surprised that he was going to come this soon, but he is the doctor and looking back now...he knew it was all about to happen!! I was fortunate to have good friends and family at my side providing me with labor support!! I have termed them "Team Ellie." By this time I was really hurting and it was taking all I had to focus on my breathing as each contraction came closer and stronger!!

Dr. Kauffman arrived and at 1235 he checked my cervix and said I was 6/100/0 and that she was looking in the correct directions (LOA for my OB-trained friends). At this point, I was really starting to wonder if I should just get the epidural...I was getting overwhelmed with the pain!! But with the help of Team Ellie I managed to tackle each contraction one at a time!! At 1300, I told Dr. Kauffman that I had "fullness" in my vaginal area...not necessarily pressure, but what I would describe as fullness. Again he checked me and I was 8/100/0. I got up to the bathroom to empty my bladder and was instructed not to have the baby in the toilet!! While in the bathroom I had one nasty contraction and tried several different positions to help with the discomfort...NOTHING was making it better. As I made my way back to the bed I actually felt some "pushy" pressure. I got into the bed and started to push a little with my next contraction. Dr. Kauffman was still at my bedside and he got ready for the delivery. At this point, I was pushing with contractions....but OMG...I was not in any way prepared for the pain of this event!! I began to lose control and started to freak out some!! My support team did an awesome job encouraging me and coaching me!! I remember apologizing in between the seering pain of pushing. From what I was told...I started pushing around 1309 or 1310 and at 1319, Ellie Renee arrived!! I felt like that 9 minutes was actually 90!! My first thoughts after the pain was how tiny she was and how bad it had hurt!!

I thank God many times each day that I was able to have this healthy and beautiful baby girl!! She was very bruised on her face due to fast descent down the birth canal, but otherwise doing well!! She was small....weighing only 5# 0.2 oz and was 19" long!! She has very long fingers, toes, arms, and feet!! She has the perfect amount of brown hair!! She is perfect!!

I want to thank "Team Ellie" for without them I could not have achieved my goals of natural childbirth....and NO STITCHES!! I did have some small lacerations, but nothing that required stitches. Those amazing people were my husband..KEVIN, my 2 labor nurses: Kim and Jenni, my sister-in-law (aka photographer) Jen, my sister Tara, the receiving nurse caring for Ellie: Lara, and my 2 LDR friends who came in on their day off to help support me: Teresa and Mandy!! And of course.....Dr. Kurt Kauffman!! Without all of these people...I wouldn't have done this as well as I did!! I love each of them for being there on our special day!!

So that's it...that's my story! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you!! My life is complete!! Ellie is all that I could have hoped for and more!! She was welcomed home by her very loving and overly mothering big sister Emma and her adoring big brother Tanner!! I look forward to watching her grow (although not too fast I hope) and spending each day with her!! THANK YOU all for your support and encouragement as I went thru this sometimes scary pregnancy and delivery!! I love each of you!!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Could it be or Not??

So as I am typing this...I am sitting in the recliner in my living room in the dark with my laptop and my "relaxation" music in my ears courtesy of the ole ipod. I worked today and had contractions off and on. I was checked midday by Dr. Kuhlmann who had come in to do a c/section and whom my physician had asked to check me (i paged Dr. Kauffman just to let him know what was going on). Anyway, my cervix really hadn't changed much at that time....I was 2cm/80/-2. I felt like my contractions became irregualr throughout the afternoon, but were still painful. I was blessed to get off of work a little early and made a much needed trip to Wal Mart for some necessary staples to sustain our house til payday. As I left work, I began having more regular contractions again that were grabbing my attention enough that i had to breathe thru them. Since i was still able to walk thru them I made my way thru Wally World in record time and spent way less than usual!! ;)

Anyway, I came home and put my feet up trying to will these darn pains away. I took a benadryl, praying for some sleep, but was unable to fall asleep thanks to the pesky cntx. So here I am....blogging and trying to distract myself all the while having contractions every 3-5 min apart. Why does it have to be the middle of the night?? Its soooo not convenient to call someone over to watch the kids just so i can go in to "see if this is the real thing" or not!! I will try to keep everyone updated!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just a Matter of Time

So I am officially 34 weeks and 6 days....the big 35 weeks tomorrow. I went to the doctor today. He did my Group B strep test and then checked my cervix....have made a small amount of change. For 6+ weeks I have been 0.5 cm and now today I am 1.5cm/80% thinned out/-2. He said he didn't foresee me making it to 37 weeks, but we both agreed how important it is if I can stay pregnant til next thursday when I will be the magical 36 weeks. I have been busy cleaning and getting the baby's stuff ready....nesting?? I don't know. Just know it needs to be done and unfortunately it will not get done by itself. She still does not have a name....we are still working on that...probably gonna have to just wait and see her before we decide at this point. I installed the car seat into the van yesterday and am hoping to pack her and I's bag tonight....just in case.

I have been having contractions since the doctor checked me. Just took benadryl and tylenol to send my uterus the message that today is not the day!! Cross your fingers that it gets the message!! Kevin and Emma were both home today not feeling well. I need everyone to be feeling good before the baby makes her debut. Please pray for another 8 days before she comes. I will keep everyone updated.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Work in Progress

I have made it to 32.4 weeks!! I had a dream before all of this preterm labor stuff started that i delivered at 32 weeks....sure hoping to blow that out of the water. Last week, I had a dream that I delivered at 36 weeks and according to my doctor...the most recent dream is the most accurate!! Of course, last I checked he was an OB/Gyn not a psychologist!! LOL!! Still having contractions, but nothing too crazy...Praise the Lord!!

So, I finally today I found some motivation and I cleaned out Emma's room...mostly!! And then this afternoon I took down the partially peeled border down and plan to rehang the replacement border tonight or tomorrow. Please send motivational thoughts my husband's way as I need his help tonight putting Emma's bunk beds together and the baby's crib together!! I have a ton of baby stuff just sitting in my living room that really needs to be put away, but I need to get the room together in order to do that!

Thanks to a good friend, I think I have everything that I NEED, but def. there are some things I still WANT for the baby!! Time and money will be the determining factor as to when the WANTS are able to be purchased. Now, just because we have all we NEED...she best not get any wild ideas and come before 36 weeks. She needs to get a little bigger and mature her organs a little longer!! Oh...and we STILL need to decide on a name. I had a dream 2 nights ago and she was named in the dream...told Kevin about it and he said he was leaning towards the other name. UGH!!! Fate finally spoke to me and he is not agreeable....YET!!! Darn MEN!!

So...I go to the doctor on Wednesday to check on little Miss Baby girl...praying for no cervical change despite con't contractions. I am starting to get excited that I can make it to the 36 week mark...afterall it is only 24 days from today!! :) I will update everyone in a week or 2!! Feel free to send your motivational and energizing thoughts our way so we can get everything accomplished that needs to be done!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 weeks!!! most of you know I have postponed school until next fall...just too much on my plate and i really want to focus on getting this baby closer to term before she arrives!! I have been blessed to be able to con't working, but when I am off I try to keep my activities minimal so as not to aggravate my uterus. Last week was a good week in the contraction dept...only irregular ones. However, this week has brought about a few evenings of regular contractions that hang around for 2-4 hours at a time. I am trying to take the terbutaline as prescribed when needed, but really struggle with its side effects. Thankfully, benadryl has been a good option for me too!!

I had graduated back to every 2 week visits, but after the last few evenings, I called the office and it was decided I should be seen before the weekend. Because I am working tomorrow and really didn't want to go to the hospital to be checked, I begged to see one of my doctor's partners (since he is out of the office on thursdays) and they said ok. I saw Dr. Kuhlmann again today and got 2 pieces of good news!!! 1)I am still the same dilation and change...YAY!!! and 2)I did not gain any weight from last week. I have gained a total of 1# in the last month and total of 22# overall. This surprised me since I have eaten a LOT of brownies in the past 2 days! I should not be making goodies like that cuz I just want to eat them all.

I work the next 2 days...which makes me a little nervous, but I can do it and will just rest as much as possible when i get home. I see Dr. Kauffman again on Wednesday. Please con't to pray that she stays put until at least 36 weeks, but it would be even more amazing if she could hold off until 38 weeks before making her debut!! Still no decision on a name. Kevin tells me everyday he is thinking about it, but c'mon how hard is it to decide when you only have 2 to pick from?? Silly man!! Alright...gonna get ready for bed...all of this decreased activity is exhausting!! LOL!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Started having regular cntx (contractions) again this morning...not overly painful, but they were there nonetheless. I spoke with Dr. K's nurse who wanted me to come in today and not wait til later in the week. Anyway, I saw Dr. K and was found to be 0.5cm dilated/70% thinned out/and she was at a -1 station, which is starting to be low in the pelvis!! UGH!! I was hoping for better news. Anyway, the cntx have been more sporadic this afternoon (praise the Lord) and I am now taking some oral meds as needed for the cntx. Will follow up with the doctor on Friday after a sonogram to check the length of my cervix. Please con't to keep us in your prayers!! I really want to stay pregnant and get this baby a little more cooked before meeting her!! If you have any funny or encouraging words feel free to email or text me!! Always looking for something to make me smile!! Love ya all!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A scary night!! Sunshine brought better day!!

So...I think all of the activity from work and school has caught up with me...finally!! After a rather stressful and emotional day yesterday, I began having a lot of contractions. I talked to one of my friends...who happens to be my OB/Gyn's partner about what I could do. He instructed me to check into the observation unit for monitoring. I did and was having regular contractions. I did not have a urinary tract infection, but they did a test that looks for indications of preterm labor/delivery. Mine was positive, which means that I may or may not deliver in the next few weeks...hoping not!! I am still not dilated, but he felt that my cervix was starting to shorten alittle. On the good side...SHE is finally head down.

So...I got admitted for overnight observation. They decided to start steroids to help mature her lungs in case she does get impatient and come early. I go back later tonight or in the morning to get the 2nd (and last) shot of steroids. I also got a dose of antibiotics for prophylaxis against infection. After I moved to a different room, my contractions got stronger and closer together (every 3-4 min) so I got a shot of terbutaline and some IVF. I got about 4+ hours of sleep. Woke up this morning and the contractions had died down significantly....mainly just irregular. I am home now on bedrest til I see my doctor on Friday.

Bedrest is not all that its cracked up to be so feel free to text, call, or email!! If you are of the praying kind...please pray that my body will keep Little Miss where she needs to be until at least 34 weeks...although I am still hoping for 38!! She still doesn't have a name, but at least its narrowed down to 2!! LOL!! Hope you all have a good week!!